We are! Let WAKIKI help you!

WAKIKI offers incredible food dishes when it comes to your BBQ needs. It’s time to truly embrace the start of summer with a BBQ! The BBQ month to come marks the beginning of the African & Caribbean love of food and packed backyards with friends and family – nothing does it in quite the same way as a BBQ! WAKIKI professionally curates quality, expertly prepared African & Caribbean food and promises its customers a sophisticated and expert food delivery service.

Along with all your prepped food needs, WAKIKI also offers catered food for all your event needs. Have a wedding or anniversary coming up? What about a birthday party? Or simply would like to spend more time catching up with friends rather than to cook?  WAKIKI is ready to support your food needs with catering options! You sit tight and we prepare the food for you! How much easier would it get? CLICK HERE TO ORDER. 

Here are the options WAKIKI offers to help you with your food requirements:

WAKIKI was borne out of the desire to provide convenience for an upwardly mobile, increasingly time constrained and geographically dispersed customer base who desire to consume good wholesome African & Caribbean food. The convenience provided are:

• Ease of ordering
• Flexible delivery time slots and prompt delivery
• Eliminating washing of coolers
Safe and secure payment platform
• Multiple device access platform

WAKIKI appreciates their customers and for the summer months to come are offering 50% off all food deliveries! Yes, 50% off food deliveries to you! How much easier does it get to order from WAKIKI now? Click here to get started.