Chef Ireti Dada
Chef Bio

​Hi there, I’m Chef Ireti Dada and I’m here to take your taste buds on an exciting culinary adventure.

In addition to my natural flair for cooking, I also went to culinary school to acquire and hone my professional cooking skills. I wanted to cook like the greats of course, mostly though I yearned to learn to use the indigenous ingredients I grew up with and further elevate those flavours by applying fundamental techniques. This has been an amazing journey of discovery whilst doing what I love most, COOKING!

​Food safety and hygiene was a big part of my training and have remained at the core of our company ethos as you will be able to attest to for yourselves.

​Ultimately the desire is to provide a truly delectable dining experience incomparable to any other….THIS is my fusion cooking.

Chef Cuisine specialty

African Fusion

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