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Dear Sir/Madam,


My name is Timi Animashaun. Together with my brother Fuad, we founded WAKIKI. My brother and I are both passionate about food, culture and inclusivess hence we have spent 4 years promoting independent BAME businesses through WAKIKI which is the UK’s only food aggregator hub for chefs that specialise in African and Caribbean food.
In light of recent global trends and commitments to support Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic (BAME) owned businesses, WAKIKI would like to seek your financial assistance to grow a company that is setup primarily to uplift business minded people in the BAME demography.
WAKIKI is a unique digital proposition focused on promoting the rich multicultural diversity of food and food customs of African and Caribbean heritage to the mainstream markets in the UK.
WAKIKI is more than just a digital interface but rather an aggregator hub which combines the following key elements into its proprietary platform to deliver its objectives

  • Vendor Curation – establishing, training and promoting an extensive network of amateur and semi-professional chefs from the UK BAME community. WAKIKI provides technical support, demand analytics and access to wider markets which the providers would unilaterally be unable to afford or achieve, whilst ensuring that consumers’ enjoyment of industry-level health and safety standards is of the highest standard.
  • Eco-Friendly Logistics – WAKIKI utilises its bespoke temperature-controlled biodegradable container solutions, low-carbon emission delivery vehicles and centralised logistics operations to manage the carbon footprint of its operations on our environment.
  • Cultural Heritage – combining elements of social internet into its platform, WAKIKI encourages the interaction between customers, curious observers and other food-lovers to engage with its chefs. Enabling the transfer and awareness of the cultural heritage, motivations and unique stories embodied in the meals to be enjoyed.

In combining all these elements, the objective is to drive social cohesion through food. WAKIKI has been incorporated and operational for almost four years. It has wholly been self-funded by the owners, relying on organic growth to fund its expansion beyond its current area of operations of London and Greater London. Since inception, WAKIKI has adapted to market demand and customer feedback to finesse its operational processes and targeted marketing. WAKIKI is now ready to elevate to the next level.
With your support in funding, promoting and mentoring this business, WAKIKI can be placed on an equal footing with comparable market participants in the burgeoning food delivery industry and will be well-placed to compete on the merit of its truly unique and attractive propositions. In addition, where available, WAKIKI can also benefit from access to strategists and business development managers who are knowledgeable in strategic growth and value optimisation in the food and grocery sector.
We trust that we can call on your support and welcome an opportunity to elaborate further on WAKIKI. Should you wish to find out more about our business, please visit WAKIKI.co.uk.

Thanks and kind regards,

Fuad and Timi Animashaun
Founders & Directors

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