Summer Is Here! Lockdown Is Easing!! WAKIKI’s Got You!!!
Summer is finally here and it’s BBQ season!! We are hoping that you are as excited and grateful as we are.  We can now have safe gatherings* – YAY!! –  friends and family together!! …. Admit it, the zoom parties are great, but nothing beats a physical get together!!!

How about WAKIKI take the stress off whilst you spend more time catching up with friends and family?
Easy! We prep, We deliver, You cook!!! 

Or if you rather, you sit tight, and we deliver the food cooked to your doorstep!  WAKIKIs got you!!

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WAKIKI Thanks All Key Workers and Their Families:
The last few months have been a challenge.  Across all generations, we are getting to grips with the impact that the coronavirus (COVID-19) has had on life and our social interactions!! Our hearts go out to every single person/family that has been impacted by this virus.  WAKIKI would like to say “THANK YOU” and commend all key workers and their families, who have worked tirelessly through this period to keep things ticking over including (but not limited too):

  • all NHS staff (clinical, administrative and cleaning)
  • all social workers (adult and children)
  • all education staff (teachers, teaching assistants and nursery)
  • all staff involved with food and other necessary goods (producers, processers, distributors, retailers and delivery)
  • all transport workers (road, rail and air)
  • all public services staff
  • all waste disposal staff
  • all public safety staff

WAKIKI would like to say “THANK YOU” to all our customers who have supported us through these times with your continuous orders, feedback, thoughtful and kind words of encouragement as we forged on with running the business through the challenges of the last few months.  Our whole team (including our vendors) have been working tirelessly to adapt all our processes and policies to continue to fulfil your orders with your safety at the forefront!  Again we say “THANK YOU” as we continue to do this because of you!