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  • African Beef Curry

    Chunky cuts of beef stewed in a mix of scotch bonnet, onions, bell peppers, carrots and tomatoes.

  • Chilli Prawn & Duck Gyoza

    An Afro Caribbean twist on a Chinese festive delicacy. An even mix of prawn and duck, with tasty dipping sauce. Starter, check.

  • Christmas Winter BBQ Sizzlers

    Open flame grilled magnificent trio; marinated Lamb chops, ginger and peanut flavoured Beef sirloin (suya) and Chicken drumsticks.

  • Classic Christmas Delight

    Once Upon This Cake’s scrumptious layers of fluffy vanilla bean and double chocolate cake, filled with luxurious caramel. Perfect for giving to friends and loved ones, and of course, for you as well.

  • Festival of Sides

    Generous even mix of roasted Caribbean favourite sides, chunky cuts of sweet potatoes, yam, parsnips, potatoes and fried plantain. Lightly sprinkled with thyme, rosemary and caramelised onions.

  • Fire Cracker Chicken Wings

    Finger licking honey and jerk glazed scrumptious roasted chicken wings. Absolute festive friendly appetisers.

  • King of the Season

    Golden brown peri-peri marinated/infused free range succulent and flavoursome roast turkey. Slice after slice of tasty goodness.

  • Kingston Chicken, Prawns & Veg Fried Rice

    Rice cooked in mixed vegetables and chicken broth, stir-fried in a mix of fresh carrots, green peas and tasty Chicken and Tiger Prawns.

  • Moin Moin

    ‘Moin moin’ is hello hello in Danish, but it is also the Nigerian favourite steamed black-eyed bean pudding. This vegetarian dish is made with black-eyed beans, scotch bonnet and onions.

  • Ocean Prime

    This platter is made up of an exciting assortment of fresh seafood! A selection of whole grilled fish, stewed chunky cuts of fish, jumbo lobster, snow crabs, king prawns and lots more, all tossed in WAKIKI’s famous spicy seafood mix makes this an irresistible indulgence for all seafood lovers. Ready to be eaten on its own or with a side, WAKIKI’s Ocean Prime delivers an explosion of flavours that is uniquely tailored to each of the component seafood items. You, your family and your guests are bound to find their favourite in this platter.

  • Smokey Jollof Rice

    A crowd-pleaser and a wildly popular African dish perfect at any gathering! Jollof rice is usually served with an assortment of meat or fish, or simply with a side garnish. With a distinct, smoky aroma to excite the taste buds, this dish is beautifully balanced and full of flavour!

  • Ultimate Christmas Cake

    Finish off your Christmas feast with Once Upon This Cake’s ultimate Christmas dessert. Rich layers of double chocolate cake made with 70% cocoa, filled and covered with luxurious vanilla bean and Swiss meringue butter cream. Topped with a gold chocolate sail.

  • Wakiki Xmas Suya Sensation

    Unparalleled culinary sensation is what you get when you eat this dish! An absolute mouth watering dish and a crowd pleaser at any party! Juicy pan seared beef sold in combination with open flame grilled chicken suya with essential garnish.  Double the meat, double the pleasure

  • Whole Jumbo Lobster & Mixed Seafood

    Alternate Christmas centrepiece or one of the many supporting stars. Fresh churned butter, finely grated garlic, hint of chopped efirin (Africa’s basil), black pepper and salt.