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  • Cerelac Wheat with Milk 1kg

    CERELAC® Wheat with Milk is a nutritious, wheat-based infant cereal with milk powder.

  • Chilli Plus Mix

    Crayfish sauce, rich oil, and a secret mix of super spicy scotch bonnet peppers, this mix is a perfect dipping or marinating condiment for lovers of flavoursome heat. Caution: it is seriously hot and absolutely addictive!

  • Dunn’s River Chicken Seasoning 600g

    Any good cook may tell you the secret to great-tasting dishes is in the spices and seasonings used! The Dunns River range of spices and seasonings may be used to add zest to your home-cooked meals to offer the genuine Caribbean taste and flavour.

  • Indomie Onion Chicken Noodles 70g

    Indomie chicken noodles are an ideal dish for those seeking Indonesian-style noodles in Western-style time!

  • KTC Chopped Tomatoes in Tomato Juice 400g

    KTC Chopped Tomatoes are ready to use and perfect for adding to curries and stews.

  • KTC Peeled Plum Tomatoes 400g

    KTC Peeled Tomatoes are ready to use and perfect for adding to curries and stews.

  • Olu Olu Palm Oil 1ltr

    Start with Olu Olu Palm Oil to add some oil to your dishes and zest them up!

  • Peak Milk Powder 400g

    Peak Full Cream Instant Milk powder is a rich and creamy milk, fortified with 28 Vitamins and Minerals. It provides the essential nutrients to enhance the performance of the body and mind!

  • Titus Sardines in Spiced Vegetable Oil 125g

    These sardines are packed in vegetable oil and are considered among the finest tasting sardines in the world. They are firm in texture and delicate in flavour. Add them to salads, sandwiches, with fresh pasta, or straight out of the can. They are considered to be the superfood from the sea!