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Moi-Moi mix (aka Bean cake mix)

Party Box can feed up to 50 for as little as as £2.00 per portion.

This all-protein dish is healthy and delicious! Made from beans, it is made to be eaten as a main dish or served as a side. Spoil yourself by adding Ijebu garri (sour flavoured fried cassava flakes from the southwest of Nigeria), soaked in ice-cold water. The fresh taste will certainly linger in your mouth even after you’ve finished the meal!

Ingredients – black-eyed dried beans, groundnut oil, scotch bonnets, tomatoes, salt, fish, eggs, herbs, and spices.

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Home Pot can feed 6-8 people, Midi Box can feed 12-15 people up to the biggest Party Box which can feed 40-50 people.
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