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Peppered (Yimata) Fish

Party Box can feed up to 50 for as little as as £3.10 per portion.

This is stewed fish and not its cousin, fish stew which comes with a lot more sauce.  However, it still contains tasty cutlets of marinated and seasoned Fish (Tilapia, Hake, Croaker or Red Bream), infused with spices and slow cooked to perfection with tomatoes, scotch bonnet peppers, onions, and herbs — simply delicious!  A perfect accompaniment to Yam pottage, Beans, Jollof Rice or any other dish which needs protein but not a lot of sauce

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Home Pot can feed 6-8 people, Midi Box can feed 12-15 people up to the biggest Party Box which can feed 40-50 people.
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