When starting your WAKIKI order, you have the option to choose between aisles below.

Customers can browse a selection of our African and Caribbean dishes currently available on the WAKIKI menu, as well as choose from a list of our expert chefs. Each chef is certain to deliver great flavour, but they all have a speciality too and can bring great quality to their specific cuisine. Be sure to read about their cooking style and learn a little bit about the expertise that goes into each WAKIKI dish!

For our WAKIKI recipes, we work hard to source the freshest ingredients available and those with the best flavours. If you want to cook with the same quality, then we offer a wide range of products as Fresh Groceries, which can be delivered directly to your door.

For those that want to eat WAKIKI food but also want to get involved with the cooking experience, the same expert chefs are available to prepare the ingredients for you, with every step covered, from chopping to marinating, portioning to seasoning. With each order, you’ll receive all the ingredients ready to be put straight on your grill or in the oven, so you can serve up the WAKIKI flavour!