WAKIKI’s food delivery boxes are made from corrugated plastic, a material commonly used in packaging and reusable containers. Corrugated plastic is made from polypropylene plastic (PP) which is resistant against water and has good chemical and heat resistance too. They have better thermal insulating properties than corrugated cardboard, which allow our boxes to be used as temperature controlled boxes for transporting, storing and serving food.

WAKIKI boxes are made from feel-good, eco-conscious materials which are recyclable and food safe. Our boxes are BPA free so you can be sure our food is free from any chemicals. With WAKIKI’s packaging crafted from degradable material, they are easily recycled bringing love and care to the planet. They can also be washed and cleaned after decanting the content, which makes them reusable around the house as flowerpots, larder boxes or garden shed storage.

The boxes have a bespoke and ergonomic design specially made for WAKIKI. They are easy to carry, stackable and can be intuitively unfolded or reassembled without any fuss. They are leak proof and do not seep oils or any liquid. So depending on what you order, whether cooked food or raw meats, they are delivered hot or chilled in insulated packaging so ingredients can stay fresh up to 24 hours out of the fridge.


WAKIKI Party Box – The largest size of our food boxes. Its dimensions are 64x32x26cm (LxWxH) and holds up to 23.5 litres of food. It is called a Party Box because each box full of food can serve up to 40 – 50 hearty portions of food. So if you’re having a party, you can order Party Box portions of food items, which are served in bigger portions such as Jollof Rice, and then order items such as Stewed Beef or Plantain in our smaller box sizes.

WAKIKI Midi Box – Our family sized food box. Its dimensions are 32x32x13cm (LxWxH) and holds up to 5.5 litres of food. When filled with food, it can serve up to 12 – 15 hearty portions of food. If a Home Pot box of Jollof Rice costs £60.00, remember that the cost per portion is actually £4 – £5. With the Midi Box, you can serve some food out of the box and easily fit the box with the rest of its content in the fridge to be consumed later.

WAKIKI Home Pot – Our newest, most versatile and most portable box in the range. Its dimensions are 32x32x7cm (LxWxH) and holds up to 2.75 litres of food. It is the only one of the WAKIKI food boxes, which can be used to purchase single items of food such as Jollof Rice or used to purchase a food platter. WAKIKI food platters contain 3 items in the Midi box. A popular example of a food platter is the Jollof Rice, Jerk Chicken and Fried Plantain Midi Box. We’re also excited because WAKIKI’s new Midi Box heralds the introduction of WAKIKI’s new order & delivery window of 48 hours. The Midi Box contains 6-8 portions of food when it contains one item of food e.g. Jollof rice. Or the Midi Box can serve 2 portions of food when it contains a platter of food e.g. Jollof Rice, Plantain and Jerk Chicken in jerk sauce, perfect for couples to share. The Midi Box is also great to take as a gift when one is invited to a party or gathering. The Midi Box of food complements the food already being served at the party or gathering. For instance, a Midi Box with chicken and beef Suya will be well received at any gathering.


  • All our boxes have an information panel at the side. WAKIKI’s carefully selected chefs use the information panel to display:
    • Information about the content of the box,
    • The name of the chef who has expertly prepared the content, and
    • The best before date of the content

On the inside of each box, there is a line, which depicts the required level of food content for the box. All our chefs have been instructed to ensure that the food they serve should not fall below this line. This ensures standardisation of food quantity for every customer and every order.

  • Packaging shapes the experience of WAKIKI’s food. Our boxes are stylishly and ergonomically designed with our customers’ needs in mind. This adds to the WAKIKI experience and makes for a good gift alternative when visiting friends and family.
  • Aesthetic presentation of food is another key benefit of the WAKIKI food boxes in all sizes. As can be seen from these pictures, chosen well, food presentation adds to the experience of any cuisine by making it look appetising and helps to keep attention focused on the tastes, colours and textures of the food.

All WAKIKI’s catered food items can be ordered in any of the 3 food box sizes which WAKIKI offers. With this range of boxes, WAKIKI offers customer easier options, which may be adapted for different purposes; large parties, hosting friends and family or individual consumption. Start your WAKIKI.CO.UK food experience today! Start your order today! Click here.