The Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) of this offer:

  1. Only entries received between Saturday morning and Thursday 7PM will be considered for the Lucky Draw in that week.
  2. Entries will not be carried forward into the next week, as this will be reset once the lucky draw winners have been announced each week.
  3. You may enter the draw every week until you’re selected in the lucky draw, but you can only enter once a week.
  4. Lucky draw winners will be exempt from entering future draws for four (4) weeks following their win
  5. The Lucky Draw is only open to NHS staff who reside within WAKIKI’s delivery area of addresses within the M25
  6. There will be a minimum of three (3) lucky winners per week. This can be increased to reflect the amount of public donations received in the previous week.
  7. Winnings can only be redeemed on WAKIKI’s dedicated NHS Heroes Food aisle
  8. Winners will be notified via email every Friday at 7pm and will also be announced on WAKIKI’s social media handles